• Chantel Matthews

Why are we using Maori to talk about research in the university?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Pretty frustrated in this lecture, left me feeling defeated and confused as to why the content was of negative Māori statistics. When Māori is already "A" research, why use it as a way to explain "research" Are we dehumanizing those in the room that are part of the dirty laundry? When looking and listening to these stories its all negative, there is no balance of positive, its just all trauma. There is no safe space created when talking about such topics. No karakia, no warning to say, "Hey, we are going to talk about some deep issues that involve Maori/Pacific/Indigenous problematic issues. Nothing to break the tapu that exists in a place of mamae. Why over and over are we used as a topic of discussion in a negative light?

"The literature at the time about indigenous peoples primarily anthropological literature was about describing natives and those descriptions weren't that healthy, so when I read them, I didnt read them--- But its like trying to eat something really sour that you can't stand, you suck on it so long and then you have to spit it out" Linda Tuhiwai Smith (22.28-23.50)

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