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Who and what do I care about

Updated: May 26, 2020

Key words: Everyday - Exchange - Invisible - Energy - MANA

Learning to love not knowing the outcome of something

Being able to highlight the invisible through the everyday

Creating empowerment through awareness, through exchange and in the doing, learning about self and society along the way.

Taking a negative and transferring it into a positive.

Experimenting, never means to an end, not looking for an outcome, improving, exploring and pushing ideas.

Responding to work as its been made on a no strings attached basis.

Abbey Lyman

yet to be titled- Oil on Canvas. 2020

"The literature at the time about indigenous peoples primarily anthropological literature was about describing natives and those descriptions weren't that healthy, so when I read them, I didnt read them--- But its like trying to eat something really sour that you can't stand, you suck on it so long and then you have to spit it out" Linda Tuhiwai Smith (22.28-23.50)


What is it to tell our story

How are they representing our stories,

Think about story telling

What does it mean to tell, is it the telling that’s important, the motif, the plot or character, how stories rebuild our landscape, our relationships

Orientalism of the other Positivism Research can enhanced knowledge Understand cultural imperialism Space of negotiation Have a history, value knowledge, who have a future and want to define and refine that future. how do we reframe ourselves in positive way What do we have to address? Everything Look at ourselves as a sovereign people How to we ourselves as self defining people What's the discourse I'm using? Bring together empowering, discussion to uplift our Wairua, our Tinana, Mana of wāhine and in doing so bringing together our masculinity with our tāne. Nicely obsessed with ourselves to rebuild the self. Keep moving forward, pointless going backwards. Who are you Who is this for Parallels of successions

Why you? Why this way?

What are you gonna do about it, do with it?

Going forward is tentative.

Move beyond political action.

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