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Updated: May 10, 2020

The Blog is a think tank. A process of assessing the everyday. Creating a criteria of what can be considered. What is potential art and what is just life. A dumping ground. The blog also houses art that contributes to thoughts and ideas I am interested in at the time.

Morning pages is a method used in this process.

Te Wheke, TFP Talanoa: Indigenous methodologies series

Yesterday I was privileged to be invited to a talanoa of post grad academics from the University of Auckland. The korero was Te Kahuratai Painting, Nga Tohu o te Maramataka - Conceptualising Whakapapa and Tohu as methodology in Kaupapa Maori Theory.

Two key words stood out for me, tohu and rongo.

4.30am message to my online mana wahine village. Have you seen my mana: mana wahine as an intuitive tool of art making.

▪️ Key words Wairua Discourse Mana wahine

Not sure which to use or both... Rongo or Tohu?

▪️ Wandering which one is more suitable in discussing intuitive art making.

Considering a lot of my creativity comes in my sleep and usually around the same time 4-5ish, and internal visioning, senses, i listen then act. So rongo would be key word. Or Tohu is a sign and am action, a gesture that indicates something more. Could my art practice more between rongo - tohu?

▪️ Researching, tohu seems like its been reduced to the mundane since postcolonial and tohunga suppression act and although tohu has been used in Māori art as tool for holding knowledge like whakairo, raranga etc, using tohu in contemporary art practice, I'm not sure.

▪️ Maybe that's the boundary as a Māori woman creating art today? Is it ok to use tohu as a way of intuitive art practice??.

▪️ Rongo seems safer to research as a tauira or i use both in parallel??

Then My girlfriend misty sent this...

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