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Daytime: Garage (small outdoor tēpu, tūru, laptop) Kitchen (tēpu, tūru)

Tools & Materials

camera, phone, sounds, meditation, kai korero, sleeping, waking, morning pages, experiences, moments, happenings.

Reading / of interest (refer bibliography)

The Balance Destroyed, Ani Mikaere

Barbara Bolts Beyond Representation

Colonising Myths - Maori Realities He Rukuruku Whakaaro, Ani Mikaere

Purakau Maori Myths Retold by Maori Writers

Insights Blog Posts - Refer to Morning Pages Observations towards research Research that contributes to knowledge expands awareness, brings togetherness, and understanding. Understanding who, what, how, why for a connection to self and others. Artwork as gesture, sound, breath, an idea rather than an object, or the object activates the artwork. Replicating tohu (sign) as an art form without losing its translation to western theory or thought. Not sure why this is important to me yet. Maybe it is not about the interpretation, but more the authenticity and mana of the work depends on it. 4th dimension of a metaphysical nature. Altering the frequency of the world is of interest. Concerns towards research Delivering the research in a way that relies on memory or experience. Replacing literacy with space and time. Providing analysis in a way that is self-defining, unique, and not necessarily done via a norm but by a sense. Challenge the norm way of receiving knowledge within an institute, how learning can be passed down in indigenous/traditional methods. I don't want to re-write theory, I want to re-design theory. If space and time are a pure HA, how can it be passed down to future generations with or without documentation?

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