• Chantel Matthews

Nikau Hindin

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Nikau Hindin, Taparau II, 2019 Ngārahu (soot ink),

kōkōwai (red ochre) on aute, paper mulberry 850mm x 400mm

Paragraph from CR

An art practice heavily rooted in Te Ao Māori world views that operates within the celestial compass of whakapapa is indigenous artist and mana wahine Nikau Hindin. Every part of her work is handcrafted with nature as she revives ancient indigenous mark-making of Māori aute, which ceased in the nineteenth century. Female powers precisely etched through repetitive triangles symbolising female genitals, reference the first Māori deity; Ancestor, Hine-ahu-one, molded in the menstrual soils of earth mother ancestor Papatūānuku. Where nature and instinct come together, I include Hindin's work as: e.g, in comparison to my line drawings, while nature and instinct are used as inspiration, my connection with whakapapa through mark-making is very different, in contrast my marks are digitally produced and far from Hindin ancient indigenous marks. Hindin operates within a mana wahine lens to explore the concepts of this in-between space, as a gesture towards reclaiming what was lost with innovation as a mode of retrieval while carefully reflecting Māori systems of knowledge.