• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages - Māori sabi

Alison Frith

Flowers for Linda



Sashimi and pink grapefruit metropolitan

Wabi Sabi

I created this collage while I was at the laundromat waiting for the clothes to dry. In out and of writing my thesis, dog walking, house cleaning, groceries, pumpkin soup, DIY duties, coffee trials, intermittent awhi huggles with my Carter.

notes at 2am

The tui called, and she said its time to come home.

Hine called, and she said its time to come home. Stacked

Sink filled with wai. Mirror. Lemon painted boxes as backgrounds. Headphones sound work. I love you.

Flora adds the ephemera Wabi sabi embracing the flaws Rejection Value. Life Family

Beauty in the broken

Reclaiming potential through Wāhine stories over a cuppa tea. Through the eyes of our ancestors. Help yourself to a cuppa tea underneath the stars the eyes of our ancestors. Starry nights and cups of tea.

The in-betweenness I am researching is between me and the te ao Maori views. This world and that world. Between nature and self. Nurture and self. Wahine and woman. Not from a diaspora view or colonised view although that will always have a place and position but not a focal point for me.