• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages - Indigenize Self

Today I attended a wananga that was hosted by wāhine Māori for wāhine Māori. I was the lucky person that received a koha ticket.

As hard as it was to hear of all the generational trauma from being disconnected from whakapapa it was exciting to see Wāhine Māori reclaiming their space and rightful place as Wāhine Māori. A beautiful space created to release, reclaim and embrace the journey ahead for themselves and the future generation.

One thing I was surprised about is how I have changed so much compared to my very first wananga and journey returning home and listening to my tūpuna. There were no tears, no mamae, no wanting or doubts of who I am. No disconnection from whakapapa but an amazing sense of peace and calm. I believe I am not at another frequency, closer to whakapapa.

The journey has been a long one however, easily a good 10 years plus to get to this point but very grateful that I can sit in such spaces and feel connected to my whakapapa.