• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Notes taken listening to Dr Ngahuia Murphy on Te Awa Atua - The Ritual Conduit.

Blood is a medium between worlds

To purify, Pakeha had holy water, we had the menstrual blood of women

The role of the woman, to purify, to facilitate the transformative state of mind of consciousness

Power of the blood, of the TARA

Warriors went between the legs of women to whakatapu before war and would come back and step back again to lift the tapu and whakanoa

women traverse the continuum of tapu and noa, to move backwards and forwards.

The ceremony of the womb, the power of birth, death, renewal.

Men acknowledge menstrual, their own mana increases

if the blood is a medium of whakapapa, connects us to the Atua, ceremony of ritual, of purification's where Tangata houses intergenerational trauma then she also has the capacity to release and clear it through the whakapapa line.

TARA - transitional zone between worlds.

Te Ao Kikokiko and Te Ao Wairua.