• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: May 26, 2020

The Blog is a think tank. A process of assessing the everyday. Creating a criteria of what can be considered. What is potential art and what is just life. A dumping ground. The blog also houses art that contributes to thoughts and ideas I am interested in at the time.

Morning pages is a method used in this process.

Journal entry 1

18th May 2020 Haratua 18


White Gallery space

Linen like Sheets cordoning a square area within the space

Clay making on the wheel, dressed in barefeet and cloth

A male is in their playing sounds, creating rythm and waves that move with the clay hands

24 hours of making

Or 48 hours

Or 3 days

There is a separate space for rest and kai

People come by to listen to the sounds that come from the white cloud

The white marae within a white box

Food and drink is offered, taonga, gifts, offerings

On completion of the work, the white marae is left for other to enter, to see the remnants of experience, of time and space, of movement and rhythm, of being.

During the making, each day the work is taken to the kiln to be fired and glazed ready for the show. On completion of the performance, the ceramics are installed, maybe back amongst its make-ings but now they are performing. This part is uncertain. Whether to have them installed in a separate space or together. They could work side by side? Depends on what is important to the work. Is seeing the behind the scenes important? Maybe it is because this part can be more interesting, the experience more interesting then the outcome. The form.

Tangaroa Whāriki kiokio

Waning crescent

Moon 20.9%

Te Aratohu Maramataka Guide

High energy, productive active days. Get physical, stronger, faster.

Abundance, pure ceremony, karakia, swim, connect with water, replenish readh for low days

Day - Morning

7am waking with the sun

3km sunrise walk

Meditation 15min under a tree

Words that came via the 3 manawa (hearts) Release, Breathe, Truth


Ears – Birds, gentle waves, walkers, crisp winds, chatter,

Sight –

Taste – Salt water and berries

Comment: intuitive waters are flowing as my body syncs with the ocean, within me, they rustle, swelling in my belly.