• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: May 10, 2020

The Blog is a think tank. A process of assessing the everyday. Creating a criteria of what can be considered. What is potential art and what is just life. A dumping ground. The blog also houses art that contributes to thoughts and ideas I am interested in at the time.

Morning pages is a method used in this process.

Interaction as an act or as matter continues through thought as I think about the senses. What starts as an act, ie walking, cooking, thinking, feeling, tasting, smelling I consider these as sculptural matter, matters of my concern, bodies of moments or a chosen act.

Thanks Mon...

A good quote here from:


"But then, beyond such self-interpretation, there is another thread visible: that of experimental, unconventional sculptural work. I tend to combine materials that are not really meant to be used together, and to grab any object or material around me when I have something literally “cooking on the stove”. Those experimental processes can lead to new bodies of work that I hadn’t conceptualized in the first place, but just “happen”. They speak back to me and ask for the thinking-work to follow."