• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages - If you're clever, you refine till no gaps.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Inspiring korero by Nigel Borell today about Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art Exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery. A celebration and reclaiming of the way we see the world as Māori. I loved how he explained how the show's vision was for the Māori gaze to be the first gaze for once. To create a space so visible and alive that reinstates our position and our own ways of knowing is very empowering as he encouraged us to be brave enough to manifest such thinking.

my notes during talk.

Nigel Borelll

Breath and be visible

Show unity

How can describe sense of self Pursuit as Maori Key proposition.

Concept Creation story, investigation of time, placeless, timeless, space less. Living proof, our way of seeing the world is enough.

Provocation. Sun themes. Layered. Familiar and unfamiliar Way in which we order, time, knowledge, world. Realms, Gods,Humankind.

If your clever, you refine till no gaps. Work of storytelling.

Contemporary Maori art has been invisible. Celebrating and reinstating that position and our own thinking. Centre Opposed to margins.

Be empowered, confident. Assured it matters. Knowing knowledge is worth saying. Is important, is unique, not second guessing what you’re doing on the planet. Individual and as collective. Recentre self first. Have to be brave enough to manifest it. Name came from. Simple as statement, toi tu, Maori art, standing tall, standing strong. Show through reclamation. Getting from A to B statement and intent. Collected connected movement. Nuance. Can be individual and Collective at same time. History still there. Maori is always second. Maori gaze as first gaze for once. Nuance nature, be true to your investigations. Own our theoretical space. Get over not valid space. Room for more theoretical thinking. Selwyn Wilson Garden sculpture Cliff whiting 111 artists in show. Unearth the unseen. Inclusive. Maori women artist. Lift the nonsense Hine nui te po. Vilified. Poetic punchy, women taking the lead, tell their story. Honour magnitude Not misrepresenting artist ideas. Be encouraged to see further. Own relationship to Maori art. Saved my life. Art and English. Pride, confidence, standing. Found feet, voice. Differentiate nonsense. Living Maori art experience Visual artist not curator MA Curatorial practice Speaking back to art history that doesn't speak to us. Be the orchestrator of ideas

After hibernating in the 'not feeling Māori' or 'good enough' cave, after today's talk with Nigel Borell, it brought me back to life. my ideas are enough, I am enough, my thinking is enough and my theory is important and necessary.

I have also realised that I am not making cups to hold tea, I am making cups to hold whakapapa, now I just need to understand sculpturally what that looks like?