• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Found myself in the kitchen for another tangi. This time my friends dad. Monday we found out and Tuesday morning I am setting up the gazebo in their backyard and setting up a cuppa tea station before creating a menu for the coming days.

Day 1 - Kumara and Pumpkin Soup with bread rolls (ongoing sandwiches, savouries, cakes, biscuits and bottomless tea)

Day 2 - Full buffet of kai

Day 3 - Full buffet of kai service

from 7am to 9pm ish

I ran the kitchen with a helper here and there while my friend Toni coordinated the entire tangi.

The left image below is from my local cafe that I forced Toni and I too sit at for an hour to get our bearings and breathe for a minute all while still working.

The right image is the day of the service with my friend Ngahuia who only lost her mum a month ago and is still in grieving mode. She is till considered tapu meaning she should not be in the kitchen helping because she is still in a state of tapu (grieving) which we wouldn't ask her to be doing such duties. A conversation we had the day before this image was taken, however here she is in the kitchen, deciding she is needed here seeing I was pretty much on my own and we were preparing for at least 100-150 people.

After 2 Tangi's in 2 months and being at the forefront of the kitchen, I am reminded that this is my place. As friends took places such as The Karanga, The Technical, The Admin, I as The Kitchen.