• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

I decided to do a reading with angel cards gifted by my best friend. When the cards are upside down facing you it means there is a block in those areas.

In a nutshell they were pretty accurate in my opinion. Don't skip or rush pieces or parts otherwise the plan will lack a solid foundation. I believe this relates to my art practice and my insecurities around being an artist, comparing where I am at compared to others and comparing my art practice, afraid I will not get to where I want to fast enough. Impatient. don't force doors to open, they are closed by negative expectations, look for doors open with faith and gratitude.

Freedom was around my choice to choose what I do and to say no to anything that doesn't align with my true thoughts and feelings. Either do it with love or don't. This relates to me being resentful of doing so much for my friends/family and not doing it out of love but obligation and expectations I put on myself to be the person that is there when needed, the person that shows up.

Truth and integrity - be honest with self, let go of inauthentic and activities that don't mirror my highest intentions "be true to you"

Celebration - be grateful and the fruit will come

Signs - Pay attention and trust the signs.


I am Hine, I am Moana

Tina Ngata, Terri Ripeka Crawford