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Tapa, Kapa, Roses

Tui, Trees disappearing

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Tonga, Tangata Whenua

Traditions, Technology

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Notes from watching Waka Huia TVNZ: Dr Aroha Yates-Smith - The Māori Academic who went in search of Māori Deities.

" I feel the presence of something special, I don't know why that is. A spiritual presence always guides me to perform a task in a particular way." - Aroha Yates Smith
" I've always known I am guided by my ancestors" - AYS
" When I think about the spiritual realm, I think about my ancestors, first and foremost, secondly, I think about what gives my family and I strength in life. This is how I view the world." - AYS

Father would repair the church, mum would make cups of tea.

Thesis on thoughts and emotions of a female weaver - Te Whare Pora O Hine - Te Iwaiwa







Doctorate - ' Hine, e Hine: Rediscovering the feminine in Māori spirituality.'

"What's important to me is the be caressed by the water of hinemoana and the other water gods to find peace. That's the positive aspect of sickness." - AYS

Waka Huia TVNZ, Te Wharetatao King - Through the mind of a seer

Land provides sustenance.

Let the vibrations flow

"Substance of knowledge, Relish in the substance that heightens your senses. Acknowledge the substance that comes from the heart and allow the land to supply us with the ancient messages" - Te Wharetatao King
"When I listen, the mahi comes." - TWK

"the vision comes and I have no choice but to do it because it is the message I must deliver" - Chantel Matthews

- The waka ( Papatūānuku, Moana, Pollution)

- The Floral photographs ( child abuse, Children, Mothers love, trauma)

- Kumara ( iteration of the above works)

- Brooms (minority, have v have-nots)

- Text work (land)

- Cups (ritual, care, Manaakitanga, holding time and space)

- Sculptures/Vessels (form, female, holders)

Hold, Political, Culture, Minority, space, time, gesture, Manaakitanga