• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This morning I woke up heavy. Back, shoulders, neck, everywhere felt blocked. However, it has been a hard few weeks with energy spent with others, especially surrounded by illness and grief, also surrounded by love and Manaakitanga.

I woke up wanting a mirimiri, so I messaged my friend Olivia who happened to be going for a romiromi, so she booked me in, and a few hours later, we are in Kerikeri.

We were welcomed into this cleansing and healing space by a pot of tea containing kawakawa and a jar of bush honey. Thoughts arose of tea being used in my current art practice and how tea is used in such spaces as this place of healing.

I then look at tea as wai (water) then wai broken down in Māori




waiata (short) song



Tea has

wai (water), which is a transporter, is bodily. It is a healer and cleanser. We are born in it.

What is the nature of the tea, the water, and then the cup to consider ontology?

" Olivia captures moments with a camera. I capture moments with tea. One takes and gives, the other gives and takes."

I have not had a romiromi before, and the last mirimiri was quickly ten plus years ago. The session was terrific, and the practitioner thoughtful as he moved across my body, whispering karakia throughout. Unexpected emotions came up towards the end of the session, which surprised me as It seems the body was holding on to some past issues, and another session is suggested. I know I can move and let go of anything that hinders me, and this reiterated when the practitioner says that my wairua is very strong, giant! And that I have everything inside me to heal myself, we all do.