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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Supervisor Meeting



Bodily relationships

Middens - Waste - Tapu

Tikanga - Cup to Seat

Tea Station, making cups in parallel = duration, with and for that, gesture of making

Shelf - Preserving

Look up shelf as platform

Artist: Tania Korats - Oceans Video

"Art functions as a vessel, I think its a vessel of the self before its a vessel of anything else. Art is an act of containment and it is an act of leakage and an act of communication." - Tania Kovats
"Liquid is a good standard for the self, and I've had a sense that to hold the self is as hard as holding liquid in your hands." - Tania Kovats

Like light liquid Photographs, liquid single moments

Archiving - Sculptural moments via

Ceramics on Shelf (made with waste)

Moana Jars

used Cups

Polaroids of gestures

Drying flowers from vases

Random notes 30/9/20

Can art just simply make you smile

Just be a map of time and space

Exist to record moments, experiences

About relationships

Does it have to be more complex

  1. Will add to process that

  2. Cups will be made, some will go to be used in cuppa tea station, others will be sculptural vessels of well-being.

  3. Each throwing, cups are divided

  4. Cups used from others, tea station will be used in functional furniture, combining others experience with my own.  Showing the connections with others, the sharing.  Moments, sculptural moments.  Domestic furniture made with and  by others.