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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

22 September, My Birthday

There was a moment during my birthday, I went walking as the sun was setting to clear the head. I sat next to this tree and listened to an orokoroa session (Māori Meditation) on stillness. During this session, a few ideas came to mind, which I later wrote down.

The cups act as ipu (vessels) that hold stillness (orokoroa)

6 ipu at a table with headphones attached

People can sit at the table and listen


The cup is used symbolically in its humility as a domestic and unassuming holder of space and time. A gesture that brings people together.

The cups are made with uku (clay) Whenua and glazed with Hine Moana.

From a wahine perspective, the cups create a space for well-being.

The ipu contains sounds of orokoroa that speak of stillness and what that means to our well-being to balance energy. The masculine energy is necessary for this Mahi.

The installation is a tapu/sacred space as it opens the portals that tap into our subconscious state, the metaphysical, our tupuna.

A cuppa tea station will be installed to bring a space of neutrality and break the tapu.

Installation 1

The female energy is the cup (ipu)

The male energy is the sound within the ipu.


Ask Ngarino (Beez) orokoroa sound work to accompany my ipu vessels made from uku.

Cups ( domestic, colonial) signal of the times, the domestic, the home, stacked spine-like to create a female form that explores wahine as a well-being philosophy. 

Time to korero, sunrise, high tide, high energy day.

Installation 2

Cuppa Tea station with refreshments that are healthy for the body 

Ie Tea / Water / Fruit / Vege platter maybe baking?


Earlier I had visited Object space and was particularly excited by Olivia Blyth's permanent installation called Waiata.

What I love about this work is that it performs and produces sounds according to the seasons. The selection of plants is inspired by Māori healing (rongoā) ie, the kawakawa, which has healing and cleansing properties. It has plants that reference the surrounding suburbs, plants that will produce certain smells depending, not he season, and plants that bring insects and birds which provide sounds to space. The work shifts change colour and grow with its environment. I like this idea of nature as art as life that nurtures nourishes, and holds space for not just people but also for the environment.

Love the lighting which highlights the sculptures shadows.

Laurie Steer and Cat Fooks