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Morning Pages

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Since my last morning pages I have done a lot of procrastination. Since my last post and installation nearly 2 weeks ago I have watched 123 episodes of Betty en NY on Netflix which equates to 4920 hours of tv time. I was obsessed. I did not want to make, look, read or think about art or my masters. In-between, I went on a longevity fasting diet, walked and exercised.

Attempting to revive this art slump I visited a few galleries.

Below left

Top: Visesio Siasau, Ngati 'o Vavanga' Ataloa, 2020 in collaboration with Serene Tay and Saimone Fonohema.

Middle: Kimsooja, A Needle Woman, 2009 Video Performance, 25min loop, Paris.

Really enjoyed this work. Watched this silent video performance for maybe 10 minutes but could have stayed longer. I liked the needle in the haystack idea, people passing, moving, looking as this woman stands still, the world around her hustling.

Bottom:Maureen Lander & Kaetaeta Watson, Baau and Pare, 2020

Top Right

Raukura Turei, Te Ngau a Hine-Moana

Middle: Nikau Hindin, Orokohana

Bottom: Turumeke Harrington, Koretētāmaua Settle, Petal

Stevie Houkāmau, Wāhi, 2020, Uku (clay), synthetic sinew, Toro/kahu feathers

Francisco Huichaqueo, Ni`no Kulkul (Kulkul child), 2020

Super 8 film transferred to HD video 2 min 32 seconds

The minute I saw this work, I loved the concept of a vessel literally not just holding space for this story but protecting it. The trust both artists have to share their work intimately and bring the audience into that intimacy is quite beautiful. wāhi (space, place) as Houkāmau states, created through this interaction between Francisco and her work, operates on conscious and subconscious levels.

Houkāmau continues, "what it holds is out of my hands, but what is within my control is the intention that I approach the making of the work with" The idea that Houkāmau didn't know what would be inside the vessel and Huichaqueo showing footage of a child tells me that the connection between the artists is strong, spiritual and caring of what they share.

Elliot Collins

A Monument to Now

NorthART Gallery