• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I woke up with clear intentions to walk, enjoy the sun, and reset my energy. It's been a funk of a week with family drama and supporting my friend, who is suffering from terminal cancer. My cup was empty. The usual Pt England track was busy around 10ish, with everyone out in bundles. Cyclists, Dog lovers, Families, Couples, and myself.

I noticed rubbish everywhere, along the sidewalks and grassy mounds, so on my return, I decided to pick up the heap of trash that was scattered, no gloves, not the most excellent idea. KFC boxes, potato and gravy, fish n chip paper, a few other bits and pieces, and a syringe were amongst the finds. Doing my best not to touch it, I picked it all up and carried it to the bin, potato, and gravy spilling along the way. Annoyed, passers-by continuing their leisurely walk, ignorant of the mess. I find a rock pool in the carpark to wash my hands.

Feeling dirty, the tide was full, so I sat on the beach, eyes closed with the sun kissing my face, few couples about. I paced for a bit, hoping they would leave so I could take off my walking clothes and jump in, but it wasn't going to happen. I eventually walked down the end and dived in. Barefoot, I headed home feeling great.

My good vibes were interrupted for a minute. Two women on their bikes rode towards me, one moved to my left to pass, her friend continued to swing towards me and, at the last minute, "move to the left!" Part of me wanted to yell out, "Don't tell me where to walk," considering I was there first, and it isn't actually a bike trail. Still, I didn't see the point, so carried on, grumbling the whole way home, thinking of all the things I wanted to say, disappointed in myself for letting her ruin my moment.