• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: May 10, 2020

The Blog is a think tank. A process of assessing the everyday. Creating a criteria of what can be considered. What is potential art and what is just life. A dumping ground. The blog also houses art that contributes to thoughts and ideas I am interested in at the time.

Morning pages is a method used in this process.

Strive or thrive

Between stimulus and response there is a space

The strongest relationships have fractures and attunement which leaves an opportunity during repair to lead to grow intimacy

your good enough is good enough

Scared of fractures because scared of abandonment

Can't grow in a space of fear

Communication one step ahead of action

Provocation to play

Notes during podcast: Conscious Collective Education

Respectful practices with infant and Toddlers with Helen Armstrong

7am Morning walk 6km followed by Pilates Coreblast, Breakfast was actually toast and honey with a cup of tea, online kura for Carter, all in Te reo, picked up a few words, Zoom Scoping with Visual arts AUT, testing, days seen through pixels, a wallpaper of screens...