• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: Sep 6, 2020


For some, the idea that a pot, or a sculpture, or a cup or a talisman is something to be pored over ad infinitum (endlessly; without limit) is antithetical (connected with) to their practice. Ceramics carries the peculiar pseudo-zen (pretentious) idea that ‘stillness’ is something to be harnessed and worshipped, and that the rapid-fire cacophony (harsh discordant mixture of sounds) of just making and then moving on is somehow antithetical (connected with)  to the polite impulse of the tea ceremony or the shelf.

If you throw pots, this contemplative mannerism is amplified.

I bought this Neo Geo Drop Kick Ashtray with Golden Pig Face Bitch Lips & Black Lung Glaze after reading this article, looking at his show on object space, and following Laurie Steer on Instagram. Partly because I wanted to see the quality of the work made from LS, who describes himself as 'the best potter in the world.' The other part is my desire to build up my collection of works I find interesting, or that could be of value at some point. It was the only object on the site (until I found the cup page later) I could afford, which is the only reason I bought it, not because I liked it. 

However, on opening the parcel, feeling, holding it, and appreciating the narrative that comes from this piece "You only need an ashtray if you smoke inside and if you do that you might as well just dust your dart into your own coffee, you dirty piece of shit." Laurie Steer and considering I don't and have never smoked, I found myself now happy with my purchase because of the story, humour, and vulgarity. It sits amongst other objects and tāonga quite content and holding itself accountable for being what it is.