• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Sleepless night in Raglan as we arrived the night before the hui. With words like holding space, take pause, I was hoping I would be more relaxed being back home. While reading curatorial activism a thought came to mind (combined with thoughts Natalie mentioned about finding out where the water comes from, putting some in a spray bottle etc) " what if every time I came back to raglan, I collected water from whaingaroa, labelled it and stored it?" With every trip home, I did this, from Aug - July that is exactly 12 months, 12 jars of wai from tangaroa and my Moana.

12 opportunities to bath in the wai of my tupuna, 12 months to cleanse, heal, connect, pause, to hold space, to breath and submerge. How do I store water for that period of time?

7:30ish I get ready and walk to 4 square to get a jar with lid. I find a mason jar for $4.80, walking back towards whaingaroa, I know where I am going to collect the water but I realise in that moment I need to go in, so I walk back to the cabin, change into my togs and head back with my jar...

Below collage is a mixture of morning and hui pics.

My why.

Visited E Hina e! E Hine e! Mana Waahine Maaori/Maoli of Past, Present and Future Exhibition at Waikato Museum on way home.

Reflective notes:

Dinner with Eva...