• Chantel Matthews

Morning Pages

Updated: May 10, 2020

The Blog is a think tank. A process of assessing the everyday. Creating a criteria of what can be considered. What is potential art and what is just life. A dumping ground. The blog also houses art that contributes to thoughts and ideas I am interested in at the time.

Morning pages is a method used in this process.


During meditations

I saw my nana in a whare, on a maunga, looking down.

I saw visions of 3 images, with flutes carved in front of them on plinths

The 3 images were of horizons, of meetings between Ranginui, Tangaroa and the flutes were Papatuanuku, made with wood.

Each one played to the sounds of the image. The image plays to the flute and vice versa. An exchange of visual, image and sound. Combined they create a narrative.

3 images of horizon lines, black and white, the images look like they are moving. Framed nicely.

The goal. Is always to better understand the self, as a woman, mother, human, friend, wife. Being Maori then allows one to occupy another space. Why these images, these visions?

Something that is beautiful, calm, spiritual, connected, of the now. If someone could look at it in 100 yrs they could look into the mind of what I was thinking, what I saw, how I saw it and why. An image an artwork that is desirable, that intoxicates, draws you in, educates, with the idea, the concept.

How to make a work that is both intoxicating yet full of depth and knowledge beyond its own conditioning, beyond its own language.

I am constantly coming back to what is the ambition, what is the legacy of the work. Where it comes from, why and for who. Who is the beneficiary or my research. I guess because this work is an extension of me, my existence and from there how does it contribute to the rest of the world, how does it add to the worlds already heavy frequency and why does it matter.

Post: Te Whare A-OI Orokoroa Maori Meditation

Visions of producing work as a sound. Reminded of HA the breath. The female and male energy, the two energy systems that create one as a function.

Traditionally we communicated and recorded the world through song, dance, weaving, carving, oral incantations, prayers, all of these things in line with nature, with the world of light and dark.

What if I wrote my thesis then translated it into a frequency and that frequency then recorded out a pattern and that pattern is the thesis. The thesis is a chart of frequencies that have been translated from oral. From word to sound. The thesis is a sound.

The work is based on the breath, a state that is in between day and night, light and dark. The work is a breath, a breathing, a life force of energy.

The words today were peace, strength, forgiveness. I fell into a deep sleep during meditation today which meant I went from the day into the night or these two spaces collided as I fell into a sleep. During tupuna time I saw my nana and great grandfather, I was lifted off the ground. I had visions of a warm yet dark space. The vision to breath, 3 portals, three bowls made from clay, when you looked inside them, they revealed themselves. There was a projection in the bottom. I also had visions of the koauau that not only made sound but when you looked through it you could see the sky and the earth at the same time. A kaleidasope that pulled these two worlds together. Rangi and Papa were on top of each other, together along a horizon line. When you looked into this flute you saw this horizon line with rangi and papa running along this line.

If you blow into it, it makes a sound. If you look into it, it shows you the male and female energy line. These two spaces together as one. There was a 3rd hole. Could they be the 3 hearts, the whatu manawa, manawa, pumanawa?

Can I submit a sound? Instead of a written document.

What does it mean to submit sound, submit something that needs translation or in the process of being translated rather than translation itself.

To be in a state of becoming.

What is it for theory and practice to be in a state of becoming. Why is this important to me.

Is it because I am in a state of constant becoming, I am interested in as a being, person always evolving and questioning life because I juggle between past, present and future. On top of that, there is this intuitive connection with ancestor that means I also float between 2 worlds. Art allows me to investigate my curiosities and in doing so create opportunities for thought and inquiry. To share is to allow an opportunity to teach, enlighten, acknowledge and bring purpose to something. I want to share, I care.