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Methods & Pinning things down

Updated: May 26, 2020


Lens, recording sound, clay, reading, writing, public performance, conversations, found objects, objects performing, found objects, process - act, everyday, dreaming, breaking things, listening.

Trying to resist naming what is unameable

How to pin intuition down into words

Space of research, because we dont know, can't know but have to be hyper aware.

What do I care about?

what research is necessary to discuss what I care about and why.

Show it visually anyway.

Subject (Mana)







Materials that have low impact




Social Concerns

Impact on the environment

Keywords #2

reframe - context

redefine - context

substance - method - methodology

mana - methodology - subject matter

space - method - methodology

wāhine - subject matter

How do I redefine mana without losing mana?

How do I reframe and redefine the way mana wahine are seen? (beyond the political)

What substance do I use to redefine and reframe the way mana wahine is seen?

What spaces do I look at, what spaces do I create and work in?

Why mana wahine, what about other types of mana?

what do I want to achieve?

how do I want to be seen?

What is it to tell our story

What do I mean to tell?

Is it the telling important?

What do we have to address?

How to we identify ourselves as self defining people

What's the discourse I'm using?

Who is this for Parallels of successions

Why you? Why this way? Who are you?

What are you gonna do about it, do with it?


Context as a starting point - Experience - idea - mine - mana, mana wahine - whakapapa - Self - material - blood - question - how are we seen, how can we be seen - how do we want to be seen - is it ethical.

My experience - feelings - generate - questions - what that question looks like in art context. How using the self to reframe, redefine, the self to better understand the self in all areas, in completeness. As a woman, mother, maori, artist what are my responsibilities, position, beliefs, values. Considerate of time, space, place, others.

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