• Chantel Matthews

Marcel Duchamp

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Notes after watching MC, the Art of the possible

Image only reveals itself when you breathe on it

heat activates image

chance created forms - intentionalise

subjective taste is not involved

replace taste with freedom

Fourth dimensional space - conceptual thing

Chance, permutational thinking, poetry, visual, happenings, fluxus

if anything goes than nothing has meaning.

The bride stripped bare by her Bachelors even,1915-1923

9 feet Height, 2 Panels of Glass



Quotes from video

"What MD did is something that you can't see in the object, you can only see it in the gesture, you can only see it in the ideas or the concept"

"ability to think about art conceptually"

"The idea that the idea is art is implicit and inherent in everything anybody does now"

"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste" - MD

"Value something different other than a kind of academic way of thinking about art"

" The space in-between text and image is the space of creation"

"you cannot see it, can't make visible - impossible, you can only think it"

" replace making with choosing" - Ready made"

Making is choosing and choosing is choosing"

Title and context = different, mere condition, nature of what make, nature of how deem things. The importance that we put into them or onto things, challenge way of doing that thing about that, rewarding that - Debbie Millman

"I make the art, you (spectator_ finish it"