• Chantel Matthews

Like burnt falling leaves...

Updated: Feb 16

Do people still use the word fuck?, Laser etch on paper, 2020

Bananas are made for banana splits (half-baked) Laser etch on paper, 2020


Development - Iteration from digital line drawings (traces) from morning pages

Like the postcards which captured the exercises of everyday rituals that were put in place to keep my sanity, suddenly these rituals no longer necessary as everyday life became busy again with normality. nature walks and poetry replaced by labs, university, malls and face to face human contact, these postcards became just memory of a time when the world stood still.

Back in academic mode, surrounded by possibilities and like-minded creatures, the thinking shifted. I had already started the process of unintentionally digitising nature, through images, text, how much more could these experiences turn to gestural, traces, shadows of a past, allowing others to enter the experience and take it as their own?

Etched into paper, my experiences turned to a gesture or movement, by etching into the paper they to me hold that sculptural act as slight holes appear letting shadows in and out, with burnt edges they remind me of the sunrises, like burnt falling leaves.

key words: gestural, movement, sculptural act.


Development - Interation from Morning pages, Postcards.

I was making cups in the wet lab and showed Harriet my postcards and how we could use these as inspiration to design the cups. Harriet liked the line drawing illustration (the tired ego) image and discussed how I had taken nature or an object and digitised it. This 360 experience occurs where the experience or moment - is captured in an image (Digital) held in the past - brought forward to the present with text that is captured in the moment (language) - image is then abstracted down to line drawings that trace the lines of the image only - removing something, not sure yet... This line drawing is then etched into a clay cup or handmade/recycled paper which returns it back into an object or experience. Drink from the cup that has traces of its whakapapa which then extends the whakapapa through series of linear affects.

Inspired by the idea of leaving a trace or evidence of an experience related to mana wāhine which is then extended through making that creates another experience related to mana wāhine and in the act weaving a whakapapa together through connection, kai kōrero, experiences.

" I don't like directing a lot of people. So trying to keep things really simple and elegant is my preferred way of working" - Carrie Mae Weems

With everything that is going on in America, the impact is influencing ideas of how I contribute to such issues through making. I consider my own backyard, how I can grow young men to prepare for such a world, how simple acts and gestures can create change somehow.

Continuing to flesh out the context of this research as a practice, "I am interested in how experiences through the self can create relationships and connections with 'other' which includes the social, cultural, political. I am interested in experience as matter and how these can fold back into each other through exchange. I like to think these exchanges manifest through multidisciplinary gestures and sculptural moments.

I see this image below and I think it is sculptural, gestural, a moment with movement yet time stands still. it is erotic yet elegant. A beautiful balance of light and dark, shadows creating alternative forms, shaping experience.


“Ms. Weems is what she has always been, a superb image maker and a moral force, focused and irrepressible." http://carriemaeweems.net/bio.html