• Chantel Matthews

Kai Korero 12/06/20

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

consists of experiences/stories that are mostly unplanned that usually involve other wāhine. These experiences inform my practice as an exchange through experiences with others and how this sharing feeds into object making art practices with concepts of wellbeing as mana wāhine.

Makaurau Māmā

Makaura Māmā is a support group set up by 3 Māmā's each at different stages of parenting, ie newborn, toddlers and pre-school. The adult age ranges from 30-40s. The gatherings are usually at one of the māmā's houses, monthly on a Thursday or Friday, between 10-3pm.

The kōrero is a time where everyone can go around expressing how they are feeling, what they are up to and if need any support or advice on anything in particular. It is a safe space where anything can be said knowing it will stay within the group.

During this session I decided to bring the first test of cups to see explain my concept of sending cups out to a group of wāhine who would use these as vessels for kōrero, conversations and depending on the instructions, and exchange of some sort would be asked that I could use to inform further research for my project and making practice.

The cups were too small to have a decent cup of tea and my experience was different to theirs. Because I made them, I naturally had a sense of satisfaction drinking from it regardless of the size whereas the ladies preferred to use a larger cup for the coffees and suggested the cups would be better with 'sake', however they tried tea in it and the feedback was they felt nice to hold and drink from.