• Chantel Matthews

Studio Kai Kōrero

Updated: May 26, 2020

Agenda (Lindsay, Jalesa, Hugo, Chantel) 3-4:45pm

Studio work - Plan ahead - General

Everyone came in with some uncertainties and insecurities around what they were doing and why they were doing it. By the end everyone's energy was on a high with clear ideas of how to move forward and embrace their current state of practice.

Key takings

Write your own brief according to your research question

Be ok with where you are at. We have an amazing opportunity to create something through a pandemic! See this as an exciting time as a maker.

One idea, one work then keep going

We are all here to converse in our own way, own it and be confident in your decisions

Notes from Meyer reading - How will you go into the world and alter it's frequency? What is your frequency?

Make your work useful by it's meaning and truth.

Overall, everyone realised their practice is valid and vital because it is the voice of the artist. This a time not for excuses but for excellence as we all have chosen to be a master!