• Chantel Matthews

How do I turn a big hot mess into a well considered blip?

Notes from Mon.

- Storyteller talking about life / everyone else is living life

- MVA ref: Antonia Nisbet, Unofficial systems to keep the world running, 2018 - https://openrepository.aut.ac.nz/handle/10292/11317

- Allow contingent possibilities to enter the frame.

- What does it mean to be formless

Happening – [ I am the ocean and the ocean is me. We are one. ]

- Lenka Clayton: http://www.lenkaclayton.com/artist-residency-in-motherhood

- Everything is a potential artwork. Strategise with: one idea / one work.

- Work towards creating a perimeter / 

Ways of describing different types of works: 

- activation, action, act

- happening – an artwork formed in retrospect

Reflection notes. ONE IDEA, ONE WORK...

Walking words

Vases (sculptures based on retrospect experience)

Inspired by captured moments, documentation by way of images

Random moments that create sculpture / sculptural performance

Living life while I tell stories about it

Which bits are art practice and which bits is just life

what is research and what is life

formless part of practice

record formless moments, what are the perimeters

how does it become art? life ------------- art

how to manage, shape, frame it (use certain questions, conditions, depth)

what has potential as art

literally what have I got?

Method: working out later its a work or a potential work

through the doing, comes criteria, comes process

use everyday but don't include everyday

build a perimeter around certain aspects, what things inform

what constitutes a project? include / exclude list

what is in, what is out?

what is the voice?

say it - is it art or is it not art, just life - what is implicit and explicit

Need to find a way to establish, visual way of presenting it, set of conditions, think about the social, political context.

Method: Gut, intuition, impulse, to act.

question, what is that?

pay attention to things that matter

what function does morning pages play?


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