• Chantel Matthews

Kai Kōrero 24/05/20

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

consists of experiences/stories that are mostly unplanned that usually involve other wāhine.These experiences inform my practice as an exchange through experiences with others and how this sharing feeds into object making art practices with concepts of wellbeing as mana wāhine.

First, catch up with the girls since lockdown, and I decided to use this as an opportunity.

I outlined my thoughts before handing out the postcards I had created over lockdown, displaying an image I had taken that included text. Briefly, I explained my concept of using cups to share experiences to better understand the self as mana wāhine and how other wāhine can contribute to my practice.

"Basically, I would take one of the cards and create a vessel (I'm thinking of a pair of cups) that is inspired by each postcard. These cups with the postcard and a journal would be packaged up and sent to various wahine who would then use the cups and journal its use. This journal would form the whakapapa of that cup. All this info is then sent back to me, which will work towards a final work of some sort. I like the idea of a cup that starts with me as a wahine. My thoughts and connections create a vessel that then passes the conversation on to 'other'; the cup is then filled with that wahine thoughts and relationships, adding to the whakapapa of that vessel. This will inform a gathering of wahine coming together over-sharing, over kai, cuppa, korero, intervention, or action. At the moment, I am calling them sculptural moments."

As the postcards were handed around, each woman read and shared, commenting that they related to the text or wanted to connect.

I discussed what they would do with the cups, some looked confused, one comment was that my thinking was just next level, another said they would smash the cup by shooting paint-filled balloons at it, then gluing back together the rest looked clueless but liked the idea.

The remainder of the night included kōrero about everyone's sex life, how to smoke weed from a vape, work, relationships, CrossFit, and keto diets.